Welcome to taksrud.net

My name is Morten Taksrud and this is my little corner of the net.

You can read more about my background on the about page where I have put my CV along with a nice picture of myself.

As you can see there is a lack of content here at the moment, but I hope to add on additional things here quickly as I experiment with both content and how to present it in a good manner for you as the content consumer and me as the content producer.

At the moment these pages are stitched together by hand using html and a nifty css stylesheet. The idea is to change this to make it more practical to publish new content, and to keep you informed about the process as we go along.

That is it for now. Stay tuned for further updates...

Update 2019-11-11: Now hosted on Vultr.com and utilising TLS Transport Layer Security